I am delighted that you have visited Barnyard Creations!  My name is Cathy Konkler, and this is my “hobby” career.  I am a semi-retired physical therapist living in Granville, Ohio.  For 30 years I owned a private practice in Newark, Ohio, and I now find myself with additional time.

In my retirement my husband and children have encouraged me to market the fabric creations I have made and given away for years.  In addition I have a new passion for soapmaking and creating other body care products.  So, I have turned my passion into a business.  I guess once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur!

My family consists of my husband, 2 children and their spouses, and one beautiful grandson.  They are on opposite coasts – our son and his family live in Oregon and our daughter is currently in Boston.  We divide our time between visiting them and also working on our log cabin in Idaho, where we hope to eventually move when we are fully retired.  We also have a dog, cat, bees, and chickens!

The chickens are the inspiration for the Barnyard Creations logo, partly because they are so cute, and partly because the products I create are more rustic.  The logo was developed from an oil painting created and given to us by an artist friend, Rani Piar, of Whimsical Colorful You.  The packaging we use is also minimalist, in order to keep our prices lower.

I hope you enjoy the products; please take the time to give feedback.  I am always looking to improve the product line.  Thanks again for visiting!