Bath Bombs

Bath bombs and truffles
Bath bombs and truffles

Enjoy a spa experience in your tub!  We have several decadent choices of bath items, so you can choose your favorite or try a new experience.  A variety of fragrances are available, and they change regularly.

  • Bath bombs fizz and release skin loving oils in your bath.  Some contain epsom and sea salts, and others are salt free.  Some also contain biodegradable glitter.  Cupcakes are larger than regular bath bombs.  Natural bath bombs are available; have no colorant, and are scented with rosemary and lavender essential oils
  • Bath truffles still fizz, but contain more oils, specifically shea oil and cocoa butter, for even more moisture in your bath.
  • Bubbling bath truffles release skin loving oils into your tub, but also contain a surfactant so they create a bubble bath as well!
  • Kiddie bath bombs are smaller, and come in a bag of 6-8.  Shapes change for the season, and are a fun experience for children in the bathtub.  Also good for people who like less fizzing and oil than the larger bombs.

Simply drop bath bombs or truffles into the tub, relax and enjoy the scent and fizz.  Bubbling bath truffles should be broken up under the running water, to create bubbles.  Be careful getting out of the tub especially with truffles – may be slippery, but worth it for the relaxing and skin loving experience!  Current offerings include:

  • Package of 6-8 kiddie size bath bombs – $4.00
  • Single bath truffle – $3.00 
  • Bubbling bath truffle – $3.00
  • Single bath bomb – $2.00 
  • Cupcake bath bomb – $4.00