Happy Fall 2021


It has been wonderful to be back in craft fairs this year!  We have done both indoor and outdoor fairs, people have come out in large numbers, and fortunately Covid has not reared its ugly head!  It’s been great to see everyone again.  Many of you have come to events to find me, and I truly appreciate your support of my products.

Now, having said that, our Covid sale items are finally almost gone!  But, in an effort to avoid having a lot of soap sitting around losing its scent, I am trying to keep inventory lower this fall.  That way I will have very little to carry into next year, and I can make fresh product to start 2022.  Also, just for your information, due to increases in cost of ingredients, prices on bath bombs will increase a bit for next year.

If you would like to order gifts for Christmas, especially if you want custom items, please try to place your orders by December 1, and sooner if you want to order low stock items.  I still have 2 events left for the season, and I can’t guarantee the soap you want will still be available after those events.  As an appreciation for your support and to thank you for ordering early, I am offering a 15% discount for any order placed in November.  Enter coupon code GET15 on your order to automatically receive the discount.  We have low stock on most of our bath bombs.  Below is a list of soaps that are low stock, for your information.

Soaps out of stock until 2022

  • Sunset swirl (this has been a very popular new scent and will definitely be back in 2022!)
  • Grapefruit, Cedar and Lemongrass

Very low stock

  • Bergamot and Grapefruit (1)
  • Blueberry Thyme (3)
  • Rose Clay and Charcoal (5)
  • Cranberry fig (2)
  • Energizing Orange (2)
  • Farm Fresh Soap (3)
  • Lavender Chamomile (2)
  • Lemongrass and Lavender (8)
  • Oatmeal, Buttermilk, and Honey (3) – we still so have plenty of Oatmeal and Honey Soap as an alternative
  • Orange Chamomile Mint (5)
  • Pink Pomelo and Himalayan Salt (1)
  • Rainbow Soap (3)
  • Sage and Cinnamon (4)
  • Star Showers (4)
  • Tea Tree and Charcoal Facial Soap (4)
  • White Tea and Pear (4)


Again, thanks so much for your support, especially this year!  Have a wonderful fall and blessed holiday season.  Look for new products in 2022.  A few teasers…..

  • Poison Ivy Soap
  • Shower steamers
  • Sinus relieving bath and shower products
  • New bath bomb designs and scents – that will rival and be less expensive than Lush!

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