Shampoo Bar


Shampoo Bar

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Shampoo soap does not remove natural oils from your hair, and leaves it shiny and clean.  Rinses cleanly from your hair.  It is also more gentle on colored hair.  Scented naturally with spearmint, eucalyptus and grapefruit essential oils.  This soap is both a shampoo and conditioner.  If used correctly, there should be no need to use a separate conditioner.

The key to using a shampoo bar successfully is to work up a good lather all through your hair.  After lathering, spend a full 60 seconds rinsing all of the soap and lather from your hair.  This should leave your hair soft, clean and conditioned.

Ingredients:  Distilled water, Saponified oils of Coconut, Palm (sustainably sourced), Castor, Olive, Avocado, Shea butter, Hemp seed, Essential oils

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