Spring 2019



Happy spring!  For Spring and upcoming Mother’s Day we have some always popular and some exciting new items to highlight.  Mothers don’t often take the time to care for themselves, so pampering items and the time to use them are a wonderful gift for mom.  Purchase your items, and we will lovingly package them for mom in a berry box and gift bag!

Our new spring offerings:

  • First, we are very excited about our spring soap offering. In our Spring Blossom soap we embedded flower soap into our bar loaf, so each bar includes a cute little flower.  It has a nice dogwood and ginger blossom scent
  • Wildflower soap with a beautiful dried flower mix on top, and no coloring so it is simple and gentle on your skin, with a fresh subtle floral scent
  • Spring rain soap is back – with its lovely green swirl and fresh scent of Palmarosa and Chamomile oils
  • Unscented body lotion we will happily scent with any fragrance you request
  • We have several new soap offerings containing charcoal, for its amazing skin benefits; Charcoal facial soap, Sandalwood and charcoal, and Patchouli & vanilla


And, some of our regular soap offerings are great for spring:

  • Gardener soap – mildly scrubby with layers of herbs, rose clay to absorb oils and grime, and moisturizing properties to keep frequently washed hands soft
  • Garden mint soap – made with mint infused water and essential oils. Mint has many skin benefits, including strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.  Also contains salicylic acid, which helps prevent acne, and Vitamin A, which controls oil secretion in the skin.  French green clay in the soap absorbs oils and gives a mild green/tan color
  • Salt Spa bar – all natural soap bar loaded with Dead Sea and pink Himalayan salt. A very hard bar that is low sudsing due to the high salt content but that is moderately scrubby and leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Relaxing Lavender Soap – always a favorite, with soft lavender scent, lovely purple color, and embedded with lavender buds for light exfoliation. Also includes liquid silk, which leaves skin feeling wonderful.


Also, consider some other items to pamper mom:

  • Ultra rich body lotion – skin loving oils and extracts to soften and soothe winter-dry skin
  • Bath bombs
  • Sugar scrubs in a lovely bail jar – various attractive scents and colors
  • Lip balms made with infused oils for healing skin properties for lips dry from winter air



Email or call to order.  We will lovingly package the perfect gifts for Easter.

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