Pine Tar Soap


Pine Tar Soap

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Pine tar has soothing and antiseptic properties that have been used medically to treat a wide variety of skin problems.  Pine tar is used for eczema, psoriasis, dry, itching, flaking or inflamed skin.  It has also been used in shampoos to treat dandruff.  It can be used for the itching from bug bites.  It is said to have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

In addition, we have included some other beneficial oils.  Babassu oil is a lighter oil, is readily absorbed by the skin, and has a drier feel.  Castor oil makes great lather, and also draws moisture into your skin, to keep it from feeling too dry.  Hemp seed oil also creates good lather, is a great source of fatty acids, and keeps your skin feeling hydrated.  Wheat germ oil contains vitamins A, B, D, E.  It has a light, almost powdery feel on the skin.  Quinoa extract is a complete protein, containing all 8 essential amino acids, helping it to form a protective film, locking moisture into the skin.

Ingredients:  Olive oil, Distilled water, Cocon

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